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LockNLube Is Changing The Way Professionals Get The Job Done!
is a grease tool company that focuses on innovation and quality. Their flagship product is a locking grease coupler that was developed by a 30 year veteran of the logging industry and his brilliant South African business partner. These two innovators brought their product to North America in an effort to "End Greasing Frustration" and help hard-working professionals get their jobs done more efficiently. The LockNLube Grease Coupler was the first departure from the conventional coupler design in over 80 years! It is proven to save professionals valuable time, money, and energy.

You can learn more about LockNLube's company here !

The LockNLube
brand is a company after our own heart! The Radiator Genie team has partnered with them because we believe they have "Tools That Work!"

What Does LockNLube Have To Offer?