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Barbed wire has been used extensively throughout the United States and the world for centuries now. That means farmers, ranchers, agriculturalists, and other barbed wire fence users have been fighting "wire sag" or drooping fences for just as long. Traditionally, mending drooping barbed wire fences has been a meticulous, time consuming, and, many times, painful experience.

Well, not anymore!

Our WireTight barbed wire tightener is specially designed to take the sting out of barbed wire fence rejuvenation!

Watch the WireTight barbed wire fence tightener in action!

Best of all, WireTight doesn't require special prep or back-breaking labor. Just crimp and go!

WireTight is...

  • Okay to use after spliced or loose wire.
  • Not going to break old and worn out wire.
  • Able to take up six inches of slack with each bite!
  • Only 17 inches long.
  • Lightweight at only 3 pounds!
  • A must-have tool for anyone who builds and maintains barbed wire!

How does WireTight work?
The operator spreads the 2 halves apart so the 2 sets of teeth form a "jaw" over the wire. He pushes the top half of the tool down through the bottom half to bend, not crimp or kink the wire so later breaks are avoided. It works fast - you can tighten a fence line in minutes.

In other words, just...
1. Grip
4. Repeat!

Loose, sagging, and ineffective barbed wire...

Rejuvenated and refreshed barbed wire in minutes!

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