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Get stuff done with one of the most versatile tools on the planet! Radiator Genie!

You're a busy person and a jack of all trades. You need a tool that can adapt just like you. Radiator Genie has an infinite number of uses.

Here is a list of just a few of the potential uses for Radiator Genie:

  • Clean Out Gutters
  • Wash Your Lawn Mower
  • Clean A Feed Trough
  • Wash Windows
  • Spray Off An ATV
  • Unclog A Radiator
  • Clean A Driveway
  • Tidy Up Your Semi
  • Wash Your Vehicle
  • Clean A Grill
  • Refresh Patio Furniture
  • Refurbish A Kayak
  • Degunk A Fence
  • And More!

Do you need a quick but effective way to get the job done right? Try Radiator Genie!

Skip the hassle and pick up a Radiator Genie near you !

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