Radiator Genie from Cow Creek Ranch House LLC
Water & Air Cleaning Wands For air and water cleaning of high efficiency cooling systems and all other radiators.

The Birth of Radiator Genie

I grew up on a farm in Ohio and my father owned a road building company so I was raised operating tractors and earth moving equipment. We always had the tedious task of cleaning radiators and hydraulic oil coolers.

In 2000 we purchased a new tractor for our ranch in Oklahoma and also opened a tractor and farm equipment dealership. We found that in certain conditions and with certain crops, keeping our radiator and air conditioner coils clean was a real problem. Engines would start to overheat, A/C coils would plug up and the air conditioner wouldn't cool. Even hydraulic oil would start to get hot. We could not keep working or we would ruin our machines. We would have to clean them up to 4 times a day. Customers at our dealership were consistently calling with the same problem.

We set out to design a tool that would clean our equipment fast, easy and efficient with air and water. We experimented with many different handles, tubing sizes, bends, openings and pressure ratings before we came up with the perfect item!

We have a tool that works great for us. We now use it on tractors, home air conditioning units, RV's, refrigerators, freezers, dozers, backhoes, trucks, cars and lawn equipment. We even blow out our baler, brush hogs and blow out our workshop floor with it!
If you have access to air or water, this is a tool that will do the job for you.


Cow Creek Ranch House